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 Norman Eckles, Detective

Norman Eckles

Thursday, April 20, 1989

Eckles, Norman

Rank: Detective

Serial Number: 16032

Division: Narcotics

Location: 6003 Brynhurst Ave.

Date Killed: Thursday, April 20, 1989

Cause of Death: Shot Delivering a Search

Bio: Detective Eckles was shot while serving a
narcotics search warrant in South Central Los Angeles. Detective
Eckles and another officer, identifying themselves as police
officers, tried to enter the suspects apartment in a surprise
pre-dawn raid. While his partner tried to force the door open,
Detective Eckles broke a window as a diversionary tactic. Though
Detective Eckles was wearing a bulletproof vest, he was shot. The
bullet entered from the side, beneath his right armpit and lodged
in his spine. The wound immobilized him from the chest down,
forcing him to take a disability retirement. He died about five and
a half years later from acute and chronic infections from the
bullet wound he'd suffered.

Detective Eckles remained active in law enforcement, frequently
testifying from his wheelchair as an expert on narcotics cases. He
also served as a police consultant, lecturing officers on safety
and survival.

The suspect was convicted in 1985 of two counts of attempted
voluntary manslaughter, one count of assault with a firearm and
sentenced to 22 years.

Detective Eckles had been with the Department for just under 19
years and was survived by his wife, son, two daughters and three

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